The Adventures of Sullivan – Developer Preview

Hi, we are Bumper Car Studios; the two man team of brothers behind The Adventures of Sullivan.
We grew up playing some of the world’s most iconic 2D games ever made. Some of our best memories are in front of a screen, endlessly playing Nintendo, Game Boy and several other consoles, often to the great despair of our parents who would have preferred we spent more time outside.

Ever since those days, weeks, months, and years of staring awe-struck into a world of pixels, we have wanted to create our own video games, and evoke the same feelings in others who share our love and respect for the experiences video games give us. The Adventures of Sullivan is our first project, and we hope there will be many more to come.

In development since September 2017, The Adventures of Sullivan is an arcade styled, 2D run and gun side-scroller, set in a science fiction world with pixel graphics. We will be releasing The Adventures of Sullivan on Steam in 2019, with plans to release on three other digital platforms.

To help this project come to life as organically as possible, everything in Sullivan has been created from scratch. All of our code, artwork, levels and music are being created and designed from the ground up, to create a nostalgic experience, mixed with modern gaming elements, to deliver fluid and entertaining game play. We aren’t borrowing code, or flipping another game’s design to crank out a cheap, shallow indie title.

The Adventures of Sullivan

Beyond profits and paychecks, we believe games should be fun. We also believe games should be accessible, and affordable; You won’t need high-end hardware to run Sullivan, or any of our other future games. We will never include micro-transactions in our projects, and we also aim to price our games at a very modest rate. We will be selling The Adventures of Sullivan for $5.

The Adventures of Sullivan

When we set out to make a game, we were inspired by the classic shoot ’em ups and side-scrollers of the 80s and 90s. Games kids would play right after getting home from school. Games that made car rides infinitely shorter. Games that defined the 2D genre and will never be forgotten. That meant making a simplistic, straightforward shooter with tight mechanics and fast, fun gameplay. We also wanted it to feel like an arcade experience, putting a quarter into a machine, and seeing how long you could survive, what level you could make it to, and how many enemies you could defeat along the way. This is also shown in our art style, which is an intentionally chosen, smaller resolution. Instead of hyper detailed, fine pixels, we prefer the larger, blocky pixels that really throw you back in time.

The Adventures of Sullivan

The Adventures of Sullivan will consist of 7 levels, with over 60 different and unique enemies, 18 usable weapons, environmental hazards, dodging mechanics and epic boss battles all surrounding a heart felt story with an original sound track. There’s no procedural generation in The Adventures of Sullivan, there’s no inventory system, there’s no crafting, and there’s no loot! It’s an indie title truly inspired by the arcade style classics, brought to you in 2019.

The Adventures of Sullivan

Consider supporting us on Kickstarter and helping to bring this passion project to life!

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